DIY // Gold Body Chain

So I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this beautiful picture on Neiman Marcus's feed. It featured a gold body chain and I knew I needed one STAT.

However, there was no way I wanted to pay $100+ for the body chain. So DIY it is!
I used a total of (3) necklaces, but you can do it with just (2). I added the third, an old necklace I've had for years, for a little extra dazzle.

This isn't the shirt I would choose to wear it with, but you get the picture.

Total Amount Spent: $13.60 (on 2 necklaces from Forever21)
Time Spent: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Final Product:

Lets Begin!

Step 1:
Remove extenders on both necklaces.

Step 2:
Remove clasp on ONE necklace.
Please around neck and determine where you want it to sit on your body.

Step 3:
Join together using pliers.
Determine how long you want your single drop to be.

Step 4:
Remove extra links (save these) and align other necklace as shown.

Step 5:
Attach necklace to drop.
Use clasp to connect around waist. (If you need more waist room, this is where I would add the extra links)

Step 6:

Step 7:
For a little extra pizzaz, I used on old necklace.

Step 8:
Attach as follows & Adjust.

All Done :) 
I adjusted it in the back to have a more sweeping motion.

If you have any questions, let me know :)


Favorite Jewelry Pieces // Statement & Simple

I'm currently loving stacking my bracelets (well not just currently, that's just an always thing). But lately I've gotten back into the ring game - the spiral midi ring inspired me. I'm surprised I haven't lost it yet, considering it sits in the middle of your finger, and I am constantly flinging my arms/hands around. 

Anyways...Here are my go-to jewelry pieces:

Gold Monogram Necklace // Etsy
Jeweled Statement Necklace // gifted from mom
Michael Kors Dual Tone Watch // Nordstrom
Starfish Earrings // TJMaxx
Gold & Silver Bangle // gifted from mom
Hexagon Style Bracelet // Akira
Midi-Ring // Akira
Pandora Sterling Silver Bracelet // Pandora
What jewelry piece can you not live without?


Current [Summer] Make-Up Products + Reviews // July 2014

Yes it's hot outside, and I will wear make-up.

I don't need to be scaring the neighborhood children, or even myself when I pass a mirror. Jokes aside, I don't NEED to wear make-up, but I want to because it makes me happy & gives me confidence. Hey, what girl couldn't use a bit more confidence.

Here are my current Summer Make-up Products (I don't necessarily wear all these products everyday, but these are the main products I've been using over the summer):

**Sorry for dirty products..I use them**

I admit it, I saw 'ilikeweylie' review this on YouTube and was sold. Within the week I was color matched at BareMinerals (which I don't do often..I don't like the idea of used products/brushes on my face). When they applied this on my face I fell in LOVE. My skin was glowing, even, with no signs of blemishes...and all with 4 drops. (2 drops = light coverage; 4 drops = medium coverage, 6 drops= full coverage)

Now I am not a professional make-up artist, so when I applied this myself at home, my skin didn't look as amazing as the first time (maybe it was all the primers and serums they applied). However, it still looked pretty darn good. What I loved most was its natural look - the foundation wasn't sitting on my face, it just looked like my face, but better. Plus it felt light-weight, it didn't feel like I had layers of foundation on, not to mention the color was on point. The SPF 20 and serum addition was also an added bonus. So would I recommend this product? Yes.

My mother gave this concealer to me when I needed one, not that she didn't like it, she just has more make-up than she needs. Plus, I'm not saying no to a free Lancome concealer, especially one I saw Michelle Phan using in a video a while back.

At first, I really had no thoughts on this concealer, I used it because I had it. But over time I grew to LOVE this concealer. However, when it came to my skin, (combo/oily/acne prone), I realized this was not good for blemish coverage - AKA made me oily and pimply. However, for under eyes, it works wonders! It brightens and blends well (no settling in those super fine lines), and I do set this with a powder. So all in all, I do recommend this concealer, especially for the under eye area.

I like this powder, I really do, but I don't love it. It does a good job of setting make-up and providing another layer of coverage, but it didn't give me the WOW factor that makes me obsessed with a product. I would re-purchase if I needed a powder, and I do recommend it, because that's all it is, a good basic powder.

Bronzer: MAC Bronzing Powder 'Solar Riche'

I use bronzer all year round, especially in the summer to give a sun-kissed look. I've had this bronzer for years and still use it. It doesn't look orange, and is matte enough to not highlight my blemishes. I know the packaging was from a particular collection, but the only reason I bought this bronzer was because I saw it at a CCO (cosmetic company outlet), and it was such a good deal. Plus I was in a make-up phase where I was obsessed with all things make-up, mostly MAC. I do recommend this product - however I believe it is not sold at MAC stores anymore, so check out your local CCO - you can probably snag this product at a good price.

NARS Blush 'Angelika'

For years I have been on the hunt for the perfect blush. I have to come to terms that I am not a blush person, no matter how hard I try. Yet, when I see NARS blushes displayed so beautifully at Sephora, I can't help but get pulled in - which brings me to Angelika, a gorgeous pink blush. While it looks like it has an overload of sparkles, I assure you, when applied it gives more of a sheen. It gives a bright pink glow, which reminds me of youthful blushing cheeks. I apply this when I'm feeling extra girly. I recommend this blush for all skin-types, however for people with acne I do give a word of caution as this may highlight any blemishes. Also, don't forget to tap your brush after dipping it in there, you don't want the loose sparkles all over your face.

I have a love/hate relationship with the KVD eyeliner. Sometimes it looks amazing, but other times it can be dry and flakey (mostly when I try to reapply or go over certain areas). So the verdict? I would not re-purchase, for the price I want to be 100% in love.

For $3, this eyeliner is to die for. It didn't dry out like my MAC gel eyeliner, has great dark pigmentation and lasts forever! I've worn this in water and was fine (a bit of smudging, but barely). I always keep one of these handy just in case an eyeliner I'm trying out doesn't work out. So yes, BUY THIS!

The only reason I keep trying other liquid liners is because having a gel pot + brush can be kind of hassle when I'm in a rush. Or when I want to keep a handy eyeliner in my purse to go. If only this gel liner could be in a pen form..my eyeliner life would be perfect.

I haven't been in love with a mascara since Benefits They're Real mascara came out - and the Maybelline one is 1/3 of the price. All I can say is my lashes look amazing, and I've already bought back-ups. Would I recommend? YES. Would I repurchase? YES. Would I buy a back-up? Been there, done that.

HOLY GRAIL eyebrow product. The moment I started using this, my eyebrow game was taken to the next level. That's all there is to say.

I do use 2 shades of this product to give my eyebrows dimension. Not to mention these little tubes last forever, so if you're on the fence because of the price - I guarantee these will last you just as long as drugstore ones will.

Can you tell? I love Urban Decay Eyeshadows. You can clearly tell from the state of my UD Naked 1 Palette...used and abused. I alternate between 1 & 3 depending on my mood, and use Basics for extra-natural days, or if I want to even out my eyelids.

The hype got to me. Everyone was raving about this eyelash curler from YouTube to blogs to magazines, so I caved. The verdict? It's a good eyelash curler. Would I repurchase? No. I mean, yes my eyelashes looked good, but I could live with my Revlon curler.

Another freebie from my mother. Great SPF, not oily and has a sheer tint. Can sometimes feel thick, but a lot of SPF's feel that way. Would I repurchase? Yes.

& maybe the MOST important of all...
Saving my oily face..One hot day at a time.

What are your summer make-up essentials?
If you have tried these products, how did you feel about them?



What's In My Bag // Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

After going through the contents of my purse one by one, I realized I carry so much unnecessary $H!T...at least I should be prepared for ALMOST any situation.

I'm surprised I don't have food wrappers in there, considering I'm always eating. Just give me a week..

Without further adieu...my Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30

               Attached: LV Charm, Fur Pom Pom gifted (I believe purchased at a mall stand)


Inside the Bag: Bag Organizer, Receipts/Coupons, Folding Polarized Ray-Bans, Some Monies, LV Graffiti Pouch (Green),  Hand Sanitizer, Carmex, LV International Wallet

Inside the Bag Organizer: Wet Ones, Notepad, $ Coin Pouch, Headphones, Hair Clip, Target Sunglasses, Detour Bar, Dean & Deluca Mints, Ice Breakers Mints, NYC Powder, Tissue, Zyrtec, Midol, Secret Deodorant, Visine Eyedrops, Mini Lint Roller, Travel Flashlight, Re-useable Shopping Bag, Glasses Cleaner, Rollerball Perfume, Feminine Products, Pens/Pencil

Inside Cosmetic Pouch: Rose Salve, ANOTHER Hand Sanitizer, Cotton Swabs, Eczema Cream, Hair Clip, Aveeno Lotion, Lipstick (Bobbi Brown, Mary Kay, Revlon), Bath & Body Works Spray, Bobby Pins

..now time to purge!
What are your bag essentials?